Ammend Research Ethical Clearance

In the dynamic environment of scientific research, the only constant is change. As researchers delve into the intricacies of their subject, there are times when adjustments to the original research plan become necessary. Such changes might require amending certain particulars within the granted ethical clearance. TAWIRI grants an opportunity for the researchers to ammend their initial research plans and particulars provided that these changes do not deviate above 50% from the original. This flexibility allows reserachers to;
  • • Evolve their Research Design: As research progresses, investigators might identify more efficient or accurate methods, requiring adjustments to the original design.
  • • Initiate Collaborations: Including new collaborators or changes in the research team might require an amendment, especially if these individuals will have significant input or influence on the research direction.
  • • Shifting Focus: A researcher may discover a more relevant or pressing research question as data is collected, necessitating a shift in focus.
  • • Unforeseen Challenges: Encounters with unexpected challenges, like technical limitations or logistical issues, might prompt changes to the research approach.
Note that amendments may involve paying additional fees. For more information, contact the research coordination unit at