Application For Research Ethical Clearance

The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) is responsible for ensuring that wildlife research in Tanzania meets ethical standards that protect both the environment and the creatures being studied. If you are planning to conduct any research involving wildlife, habitat and surrounding environment in Tanzania, it's crucial that you obtain an ethical clearance from TAWIRI. Ethical clearance is vital in many ways, including
  • • To ensure the welfare and protection of wildlife habitat and surrounding environment.
  • • To maintain the ecological balance.
  • • To uphold researcher’s commitment to ethical wildlife research
Before applying for ethical clearance, you must ensure your research falls under approved . A detailed research proposal should accompany every application. This should include:
  • • Title of the Study: Clear and concise.
  • • Introduction: Background and justification of the study.
  • • Research purpose: Specify if the study is for Masters, PhD, Post doc or project
  • • General Objective and specific objectives: What do you aim to achieve with this research?
  • • Methodology: A step-by-step guide to how you'll conduct the research. This should be stated for each objective.
  • • Output related to conservation and livelhood implication.
  • • Expected Outcomes: Potential results and their significance
  • • Potential Impact on Wildlife: Including steps taken to minimise harm.
  • • Sponsors and research budget: A list of sponsors and the amount of funds they commit to the research
  • • Evidence of sponsorship
  • • Researchers: principle investigator and co-researcher(s).
  • • Names and addresses of two referees, one of whom should be a Tanzanian.
  • • Names and addresses of two referees, one of whom should be a Tanzanian.
  • • Local collaborator.


  • ◦ Full research proposal
  • ◦ Funding commitment letter
  • ◦ Letter of the local collaborator
  • ◦ Detailed CV of researchers
  • ◦ Current passport-size photos for each researcher.
Once you've completed the online application form and compiled all necessary documents, submit them and pay the appropriate fees per the issued payment control number. TAWIRI's Ethical Committee sits once in every quarter to review the applications. There fore your application may take a maximum of three months to be considered.
Depending on the nature of your research project you may need to obtain ethical clearance certificate from other relevant research and development institutions

Once you receive clearance and relevant permits, it's crucial to stick to the approved proposal. Any deviation might lead to breach of the ethical clearance terms and could result to penalties or revocation of the certificate. You are also expected to provide a progress report every six months and a final report once you have completed your research.
For more information, contact the Research Management and Coordination Section through