Extend Research Ethical Clearance

Research Ethical Clearance is issued for one year only. However, unexpected hurdles, unforeseen challenges, and evolving hypotheses are more the rule than the exception in the world of research. Such obstacles might lead to an extended timeline that exceeds the duration of an initial ethical clearance. If you're in a situation where your research might overshoot its originally approved timeline, it's imperative to seek an extension for your ethical approval. Extending ethical clearance ensures:
  • • Continued adherence to established ethical guidelines.
  • • Transparent communication with the approving ethical committee.
  • • Ensuring the protection of research subjects, whether human, animal, or environmental.
It is advisable that if you intend to extend your ethical clearance, you must apply for an extension at least three months before the expiration date of the existing ethical clearance. The extension procedure is similar to however, before you start an extension application, you must first submit the progress report. For more information, contact the research coordination unit at