Thematic and priority Areas

The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) stands as the beacon for wildlife research in Tanzania. Its main agenda revolves around generating and disseminating scientific knowledge vital for the conservation, management, and sustainable use of the nation's vast wildlife resources. Central to TAWIRI's success in driving impactful research is its focus on thematic and priority research areas.

TAWIRI's thematic areas are broad categories of study that capture the essence of wildlife research challenges and opportunities in Tanzania. By defining these themes, TAWIRI ensures that research efforts are channelled towards areas of maximum impact and relevance.

TAWIRI's thematic and priority research areas evolve based on emerging needs and challenges.

The preparation of thematic and priority areas is a transparent exercise which is conducted every five years and involves all stakeholders, including conservationists, researchers and other stakeholders. Below is the list of the the current thematic and priority areas.